I visited Chi Clinic after buying a voucher for an hour-long massage on Wahanda, and was completely bowled over by therapist Chi’s talent and knowledge. She recognised that I had quite a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck, and worked hard at them to decrease the pressure I was feeling. I’ve never had a massage that was so “medical,” if that makes sense — she asked numerous questions, and really seemed to care about my wellbeing.

I wasn’t sure about acupuncture at first, and told her I only wanted a massage, but she put a few needles in my back at the end of my hour-long session, and I found it really calming. I actually ended up committing to five more acupuncture sessions, which she recommended to treat my back.

The second appointment I had with her, she actually arranged for a chiropractor friend, Andre, to work on me — I’d not had chiro before, but I felt so much better after walking out of there! It was a bit challenging as I had to work on my breathing, but I’ve found myself standing a lot straighter since being stretched out.

I’d definitely recommend seeing Chi if you have any aches and pains — while a standard massage is relaxing, her technique and acupuncture is incredible.

Just try and ignore that you’re tucked away in a box-like room above a tanning salon, and you’ll feel so relaxed and better for it. The location is amazing, however — really close to Selfridges.